Make matter revenue decisions on the fly

Never miss an important decision point again

We make (financial) matter management a breeze

Managing ayora recommendations is easy.

We deliver our AI-generated recommendations to you, and make it easy for you to act on them.

Pre-draft client correspondence

Do you need to update the client on anything fee-related? Our system will prepare (but never send) a draft email for you.

Trigger internal processes

Your time as a fee earner is highly valuable, and should not be spent on admin. With ayora, you can instruct your support functions with one click.

Delegate and monitor

Delegate matter-related actions to your colleagues, and always stay in the loop - we make sure you retain full visibility over delegated matters.

Reschedule alerts

Our system is pretty good at spotting decision points, but if you disagree with anything, silence the recommendation. That makes the system learn!

Rich MI and reporting

In the background, our system generates rich management information that can be utilised by Business Support teams.

Deep data insights

Help your business support teams prioritise their work based on trends in time, billing and collection datasets, and spot problems before they arise.  

Flxible reporting in PowerBI

Create bespoke reports using ayora data in PowerBI, complement them with ayora's flexible process orchestration features.

Standardised matter-level data

Gain an in-depth understanding of all client engagements across the firm and track critical metrics such as realisation and working capital days at matter level.