Getting paid faster (with fewer write-offs along the way) is every law firm's holy grail.

Our revenue management assistant helps you get there.

Say hi to the world's first AI revenue management co-pilot for lawyers

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We create value through actionable recommendations

Insight-based actions

We deliver hyper-actionable insights to the lawyer, allowing them to make revenue-related decisions 100x faster

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We come to the lawyer

We notify the lawyer by email when an action is identified, reducing the need to monitor our application. And we make sure to avoid alert overload!

AI data analytics

Our AI scans your firm's timesheet data, looking for signals suggesting that a lawyer needs to take action

Revenue management motions made simple (finally!)

Foresight as a Service

Empower your lawyers to stay one step ahead all things matter fee management, without having to flick through dashboards, spreadsheets and endless email chains.

Distractions reduced by 99%

Matter needs some "management time" from the lawyer in charge? We reduce 10 minute distractions to a single click, which makes our recommendations easy to follow.

Frictionless partner supervision

Make it effortless for partners to delegate and monitor matters to their team members. That, and help coach the next generation of lawyers as revenue managers!

"Fee earners play a major role in improving legal lockup and realisation, and yet, they have been historically underserved by technology in that context. The team behind ayora cleverly designed their product to fill that gap, and this will help us optimise our working capital."

Matthew Tilley, Finance Director, Mishcon de Reya LLP