ayora is all about partner-level decisions

  • Helps law firms generate more cash, faster
  • saves law firm partners' headspace and allows them to focus on clients
  • empowers senior fee earners to quickly make optimal fee-related decisions, at the right time
  • promotes visibility, engagement and discipline among fee earners with P&L responsibilities
  • removes friction from manual or semi-manual fee earner workflows

Aderant MADDI is an accounting widget

  • Helps firms realise back office cost savings
  • Improves the quality of time entries created by fee earners
  • Allows finance teams to manage bill : OCG compliance efficiently
  • Allows finance teams to reconcile transactions and bank statements faster

Detailed comparison

Triggers: the system's ability to find the relevant data signals

Intelligent billing schedule imputation

Intelligent budget imputation

Intelligent anomalous discount detection

Tricky debtor identification

Intelligent matching of narratives to scope


Aderant MADDI

Actions: partner-level revenue management workflows

Pre-draft client emails

Instruct bill preparation

Delegate matters to colleagues

Advanced scheduling features

Advanced matter oversight


Aderant MADDI

Accounting: timekeeping

Timekeeping assistance

Time entry narrative generation

Activity code imputation


Aderant MADDI

Accounting: back office processes

OCG : bill compliance

Cash to invoice matching


Aderant MADDI





Aderant MADDI


Hyper-personalised messages

Detailed user journey tracing

Behavioural reporting


Aderant MADDI